How To Prevent Snoring Naturally


When you cannot take in air freely through your nose or your throat during sleep, the surrounding tissues vibrate. This vibration is the sound of snoring. The vibration of respiratory structures and blocked airways when you breathe during sleep result in snoring. Your tongue can also block smooth breathing.

What Causes Snoring?

1. If you are overweight then the excess fat and poor muscle tone can aggravate snoring.
2. As you reach middle age, your throat narrows and the throat muscle tone decreases.
3. Men have narrower air passages and so are more likely to develop snoring habits.
4. Nasal and sinus problems such as blocked airways make breathing difficult, which can lead to snoring.
5. Alcohol, smoking and medications relax throat muscles and cause snoring.
6. Sleeping on your back makes the flesh in your throat relax, which blocks airways.

How can you Stop Snoring?

Clearing nasal passages regularly helps prevent snoring. When your nose is stuffed up, clean sinuses with a saline solution before going to bed. To do this, use a Neti pot or a nasal decongestant that will help you breathe regularly while you are asleep. Allergy sufferers can reduce dust mites and pet dander in the bedroom by using sheets and pillow cases with high thread counts. If you need an allergy medication, then you should not hesitate to use one. You need to keep the humidity in the bedroom high enough that the air will be moist. Dry air will irritate your nose and throat. Swollen nasal tissues can cause snoring. Use a humidifier to help keep the air moist. Pay attention to your sleeping position. If your head is raised by 4 inches, the tongue and jaw roll forward which opens airways and makes breathing easier. Find a pillow that supports you head without pinching the neck muscles to prevent snoring.

Those who sleep on their sides snore less. You can attach a tennis ball or other object to the back of your pajama top. Every time you roll onto your back, the tennis ball will be uncomfortable and you will automatically go back to lying on your side. Consider a wedge pillow to rest your back on and to discourage rolling over onto your back. These tricks and tips can help you develop the habit of sleeping on your side and then you can throw away the tennis balls. There is actually such a thing as an anti-snoring device. These appliances resemble an athletic mouth guard and open the throat by moving your lower jaw and tongue forward for more comfortable breathing while you sleep.

Exercises that help prevent snoring

1. Say each vowel (a-e-i-o-u) in order aloud. Continue for three minutes and three times a day.
2. Purse you lips tightly together and hold for 30 seconds.
3. Open your mouth and then move your jaw to one side. Hold this position 30 seconds.
4. Repeat on other side. Continue three minutes.