5 Ways To Help Prevent Allergies


Allergies are no fun. When allergies arrive, a whole host of disease fighting colds and sneezes come along with them. But never fear, there are ways you can take to keep the allergies at bay. By following these simple instructions, you can reduce the amount of time you spend sneezing and “ah-chooing” in and outside of your house.

1. Get rid of the carpet

Carpets might be tempting since they are soft and cushy on the toes. But did you know that carpets contribute to the existence of molds and dust mites? This happens when carpets placed over concrete can prevent moisture from being evaporated. And when moisture is not properly evaporated, it can cause nasty, harmful molds in your home. Instead of carpeting, go for hardwood floors and rugs.

2. Don’t sleep with the family dog

It might be tempting to let your dog sleep with you. After all, they are part of the family too. Plus, it is incredibly comforting and warm to snuggle with the family dog. But many experts actually warn against this notion. According to them, the dander found on pet fur can cause allergic reactions in people who are not normally allergic.

3. Use the A/C

It is well known that fresh air is good for you. But in this case, it is best to close the windows and turn on the A/C (make sure that your A/C filters are clean!). The pollen from outside can come in through the open window, causing allergic reactions, including sniffles and sneezes. But if you do not want to turn on your A/C, then keep your windows closed until the afternoon. The pollen count is greatest in the morning.

4. Park your shoes at the door

Shoes and even outerwear can track in dust mites, allergens, and other toxins into your home. Before entering the home, wipe your shoes on a welcome mat. Or, you can also consider leaving your shoes in the entranceway or garage. If family members are sensitive to allergies, consider putting your coats and other outerwear hung up in the entrance way instead of in the closet. Hanging your coats in the closet can cause the pollen and other toxins to get on your other coats too.

5. Wash your hair

Similar to your shoes and outerwear, pollen can collect on your hair. To prevent pollen from transferring onto your pillow, wash your hair before bed. You will not only feel great, but will sleep more soundly. Your lungs will thank you since they will not have to breathe in any pollen that may be stuck to your pillow.

Allergies are the worst, whether or not you are prone to allergies. But by taking these five simple measures, you can reduce your risk of allergies this season. Remember to always stay clean and keep the things that you bring from outside clean. Remember that pollen has a tendency in sticking to clothing, shoes, and your hair. Keep these things clean and your nose will thank you.